District information and discussions on education governance reforms mandated in Act 46

The Windham Central Supervisory Union discussions on how to implement Act 46 from June 17th were taped and available for view by folks who want to track the discussions. This includes Wardsboro and Dover from our district, as well as Jamaica, Windham, Townshend, NewBrook, Leland and Gray, and Marlboro boards. I serve on this board as a member of the Dover School Board. 

I was also invited to listen to Administrators in the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union discuss possible strategies their boards might be able to consider.  It’s clear that discussions are varied and ongoing in our district.

As Supervisory Union Boards across the state are beginning to try and grapple with the mandated governance changes required as part of Act 46, the Agency of Education has posted some resources. http://education.vermont.gov/laws/2015/act-46

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