Education Accountability

Children are our future and the quality of schools reflect the vitality of our communities.  I live in a small town, with a small and successful school and have served on the school board for over a decade.

I have been working hard to bring accountability for the 1.6 billion dollars Vermonters spend annually on educating Vermont students.    Our businesses, second homeowners and resident make a 10 million dollars investment in the state education fund annually.  It’s fair to say we are keenly interested in the educational opportunities being purchased for students around the state, and what types of outcomes those investments are yielding.    Data on what each school is buying seems like it should be a no brainer since almost every town’s businesses and second homeowners as well as many residents are investing in all of our Vermont students.

Here are some articles and reports about my efforts and testimony I have given in support of collecting data, small schools and being accountable to taxpayers:


Laura Sibilia: Finding a compromise on education funding

End-of-session showdown looming over ed spending plan –

Lawmakers say staff-to-student ratio fines are ‘a horrible idea’ 


Laura Sibilia: Rethinking Vermont’s education funding – VTDigger

Lawmakers threaten to sue education agency secretary

A triumph in education fairness | Times Argus

Stamford Group Asks for Time to Research Joint-Clarksburg School District

Whitingham sues over education property taxes


Small and Rural Schools Caucus forms in the House


Cap resolution rejected Education freeze could hurt small schools

1.17.2014 – Campaign Finance, Education, and the Budget

Senate Committee on Education Agenda Jan 22, 2014

Vermont State News – Consolidation bill would eliminate


House Committee on Ways and Means Agenda February 7th, 2013

Senate Committee on Education Agenda May 9, 2013

Dover board approves funding for education lobbyist


Dover and Wilmington release education study – VTDigger

Deerfield Valley News – Study says change needed

VPR: Dover, Wilmington Release Report On School Funding

Student Mobility and Opportunity to Learn – University of Vermont

2012 legislative update from KSE

Deerfield Valley News – Ed fund lobbying paying off

Dover, Wilmington get update on lobbying for education


School board protests closed meetings – WCAX.COM Local

Education Challenges Design Team meetings now open to the public

Deerfield Valley News – Consolidation plans pack Statehouse


“Much ado about nothing” – Matchbin

5 thoughts on “Education Accountability

    1. Ray,

      This page is a record of some of my work in the past six years as a member of Dover’s school board, a defender of Vermont’s 86 small schools and an advocate for property tax reform.

      Our school is an important part of our community, providing a high quality education to our students, and costing Vermont taxpayers the same amount per child that it costs costs to maintain a bigger school in Burlington. As are all of the small schools in our district.

      The problem of educational inequity and out of control property tax was caused by state action and I’ve been working for years, as an elected official of my single town, to get the legislature to fix these things because they are a problem for all towns in the state. Because of the Brigham case, we aren’t going to get 200+ solutions.

      Let’s talk more!

  1. Andrew Walkowiak

    Hi Laura. I wish your website was more concise. Listing health care, then your thoughts on fixing it. Education and education taxes, then your thoughts and so on and so on.


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