Vermont independents

Vermont independent legislators
2018 Vermont House independents: Rep. Ed Read, Rep. Kelly Pajala, Rep. Paul Poirer, Rep. Barbara Murphy, Rep. Laura Sibilia, Rep. Ben Jickling and Rep. Terry Norris

In the 2017/2018 session, Vermont had the largest number of independents serving in a state legislature in the U.S.. The Vermont House, while overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats, often operates in a less partisan manner then the party affiliation numbers might suggest.  Vermont’s seven independents worked with a number of independent and centrist minded Democrats and Republicans on enacting common ground legislation.

Laura first ran for office in 2014 as an independent committed to solving problems by focusing on elevating issues of local and Vermont importance rather then serving a national partisan agenda. Her commitment to fundraising was, and remains, not to take PAC or lobbyist contributions.

During the 2017/2018 there were a number of notable debates where a bipartisan coalition including some of Vermont’s independents came together on significant public policy debates to either help advance or stop legislation including teacher’s healthcare benefits, marijuana legalization, school safety and gun regulations.  In addition, from time to time Vermont independents are asked to comment nationally on the benefits and challenges that independent legislators face in campaigning and serving. Below are posted links to some of those significant public policy debates and articles on Vermont’s independents.


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