S.169 An Act Relate to Firearms Regulation

Good evening,

A number of voters have asked about S.169 which would create a 24 hour waiting period for handgun purchases. The bill is still not appearing on the schedule in House Judiciary for testimony – nonetheless we are now hearing that the bill will eventually be coming to the floor this session.

The bill can be found here: https://legislature.vermont.gov/bill/status/2020/S.169

There has already been a Senate public hearing in March on this bill, if there any additional public hearings I will post them.

For those who would like to be in touch on this bill, my email address is lhsibilia@gmail.com and my cell phone is (802) 384-0233

Please keep the following in mind:

As you can imagine, our district, like our state and our country, contains many strong opinions on this issue, both in favor of waiting periods and opposed to waiting periods.

If S.169 does in fact come to the floor, I will be watching carefully to see what the final language is that is recommended by the Judiciary Committee.

In order to do the best job possible for all of my constituents – and especially for whichever half of the district will be disappointed with my vote – any claims that are made will be considered in light of the data that is available. My vote will depend on my sense of the bills ability to do what the sponsors claim it will do. Any amendments will face the same scrutiny.

As you know I am an independent. I do not take lobbyist dollars, vote under threat or follow a party platform. That is why it is especially important for me to hear from my constituents about how they personally will be impacted by a bill, any important data or stories they are able to share as I consider the proposed language, and any suggestions they have for alternative ways to solve the problem.

Please be in touch via email or phone if this bill is a priority for you.

Kind regards,

Rep. Laura Sibilia

Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro and Whitingham

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