Rep. Sibilia: Office Hours, Primary Voting and Renewable Energy Policy

Updated Office Hours for State Representative Laura Sibilia

Dover: On the 1st Saturday of the month at the Dover Free Library from 11-noon. The next date is this Saturday September 3rd from 11-noon. 

Wardsboro: On the 3rd Thursday of the month she invites voters to the Wardsboro Community Library from 6-7. The next date is Thursday August 18th from 6-7 pm.

These times are open to the public and voters are welcome to come ask questions or share insights. I’m working to set up regular times to meet in Jamaica and Stratton.

Why it’s important to vote in the Primary August 9

A friendly reminder that the Vermont Primary Elections are this Tuesday. This year there are a bunch of retirements and open seats for important statewide races that have multiple candidates from the same party running in them. The Vermont Primary Election is where a single candidate from each party is elected to run in the General Election. I’ve linked a great op-ed below that explains why the primary is likely more important then the November General Election. I hope you will vote! Below are voting times and locations, and for those who are interested, my picks in a number of the races.

Graff: In statewide races the August primary can be more important than November

Voting Places and Times from the Vermont Secretary of State website

All polling places stay open until 7 pm – opening times vary and are posted below for towns in the valley region.

Any person may register to vote in the town of his or her residence who, on Election Day:

  • 1. is a citizen of the United States;
  • 2. is a resident of the state of Vermont (and a resident of the town in which you apply to be added to the checklist);
  • 3. has taken, or has previously taken, the Voter’s Oath (formerly called the “Freeman’s Oath”); and
  • 4. is 18 years of age or more.

Any person meeting the requirements above who will be 18 on or before the date of a general election may register and vote in the primary election immediately preceding that general election. See 17 V.S.A. § 2121.

Registration is available during all normal business hours of your town or city clerk’s office on days preceding the election and during polling hours on Election Day. 17 V.S.A. § 2144

You may also register to vote online, here.

There is no party registration in Vermont. The Vermont Primary will have three party ballots – Republican, Progressive and Democrat. Any Vermont voter can choose any ONE of those ballots and vote for the candidates listed or write in other names.

Dover8/9/2022 7:00 AMTown Hall189 Taft Brook Road, East Dover
Halifax8/9/202210:00 AMHalifax Community Hall20 Brook Road, Halifax
Jamaica8/9/2022 9:00 AMJamaica Town Office28 Town Office Rd., Jamaica
Readsboro8/9/202210:00 AMReadsboro Central School301 Phelps Lane, Readsboro
Searsburg8/9/202210:00 AMSearburg Town Office18 Town Garage Road, Searsburg
Stamford8/9/202210:00 AMStamford School Community Room986 Main Road, Stamford
Stratton8/9/202210:00 AMStratton Town Office9 W. Jamaica Rd., Stratton
Wardsboro8/9/2022 9:00 AMTown Hall71 Main Street, Wardsboro
Whitingham8/9/202210:00 AMWhitingham Municipal Center2948 VT Route 100, Whitingham
Wilmington8/9/2022 7:00 AMThe Old School Community Center1 School Street, Wilmington
Becca and I with two of DVFiber’s local leaders (and heros!) Ann Manwaring and Steven John at a funding announcement last year.

Laura’s picks in contested races:

I’ve made a few endorsements and have a few other thoughts for folks who are interested to consider:

  • U.S. Congress: I’m voting for Becca Balint because we need more function in congress. Becca is a truth teller with a track record of working across the aisle. I don’t agree with all of her policy preferences, but I agree strongly with how she shows up to work – with kindness and determination, integrity and courage.
  • Lieutenant Governor: There are a lot of candidates in this race that I have worked with and that I think could do a good job on both the Democratic and Republican ballot. This contest is a potential preview for who we might see run for Governor in the future. I’m voting for Democrat Kitty Toll who I’ve served with in the House and who comes from the NEK. Kitty understands the need to put forward plans that pencil out and that include our rural communities. If you are inclined to vote in the Republican primary, Joe Benning, a current Senator and lawyer is a thoughtful, respectful, well informed candidate.
  • Vermont State’s Attorney: I’m voting for Rory Thibault, the current States Attorney for Washington County, because he stood with us and demanded fairness for the students and taxpayers in our rural communities in our fight for equitable education funding. AND, his opponent is taking money from the big telecom companies that have kept our communities dangerously disconnected for years.
  • Windham County Senate: For Voters in Dover, Halifax, Jamaica, Stratton, Whitingham and Wardsboro we are electing two new state senators for Windham County. As of right now there are 3 Democrats, 1 independent and 3 Republicans in the race. These 4 support the proposed 22nd Amendment to Vermont’s Constitution that we will vote on in November and Vermonter’s right to bodily autonomy: Wichie Artu, D, Wendy Harrison, D, Nader Hashim, D and Tim Wessel, I. The Republicans in the race have specifically stated they are running to oppose Vermonter’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions. In the Vermont Primary Election I am voting for Democrats Nader Hashim and Wendy Harrison. Both are straight shooters and have key experiences that will contribute to their service. Nader is a former State Police Officer in this region who I served with in the House previously, and worked on domestic violence prevention legislation with him. Wendy has served as a Town Manager in two Windham County towns and as the interim in Winooski. Wendy is energetic, empathetic and willing to try new things.

Remember, the primary election is determining who we will get to vote for in the November General Election. Please vote!

You will not see my name on the ballot, but I am running! Independent candidates don’t appear on any party ballot and will automatically appear on the November General Election Ballot. You can write my name in for the Windham -2 District’s House Representative but it is not necessary.

Running to represent two new towns that I have not previously represented means volunteer and financial support are needed and appreciated. If you are able to support my run to represent this new district, I am grateful for whatever financial is offered – $10 or $20 makes a difference. Supporters can request signs and make contributions on my blog site, or mail to: Laura Sibilia for VT, PO Box 2052, West Dover, VT 05356. Thank you!

Public Service Department Extends Deadline for Responses to the Request for Input on Vermont’s Renewable Electricity Policy and Programs

Montpelier, VT – The Public Service Department (PSD) today announces an extension in the deadline to respond to the Request for Input (“RFI”) on the review Vermont’s Renewable Electricity Policy and Programs. On July 5, the PSD issued an RFI to solicit feedback on the process for this review as well as gather initial input about what is important to Vermonters regarding the State’s supply of electricity. Responses to the RFI were initially due on August 5, however the PSD is extending the deadline to August 15 to allow the RFI to continue to be circulated to a broad array of stakeholders and offer additional time for them to submit comments. 

In addition to extending the deadline, the PSD announces two additional updates related to the RFI process developed in response to feedback received on the process:

  • A simplified, one-page overview of the RFI and visual representation of potential timelines for the process is now available on the PSD’s website:
  • The PSD has established an online form through which responses can be submitted directly on the website as an additional method of submitting comments alongside email and physical mail. This form can be accessed at:

The RFI represents an important first step to implement a core recommendation of the Comprehensive Energy Plan, published in January 2022, and Climate Action Plan, published in December 2021, and seeks to gather input on several key topics related to this effort including: the engagement effort for the process, core decision-making criteria to consider, and initial issues for consideration related to renewable electricity in Vermont. The PSD is particularly interested in feedback related to the engagement effort for the process, which will directly inform plans for additional opportunities for the public to participate in the review of programs and policies.

The RFI and supporting documents can be downloaded from the Public Service Department website at  Please send comments by August 15 to the PSD via email at, through the online portal at , or by US Mail addressed to: 

Public Service Department

Attn: Renewable Policy and Program Comments 

112 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05620-2601

Kind regards,

Rep. Laura Sibilia Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro, Whitingham

running for election in 2022 to represent Dover, Somerset, Stratton, Jamaica and Wardsboro

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