Week 16 of the Vermont legislative session

DOVER: Lori O’Hern 464-5386 Meet at Dover School at 10 for bags and assignments. Lunch 12:00 to 12:30 at the Dover School. Leave bags on roadsides or take to the dump.
READSBORO: Jody Berard-Kemp 423-5223 Bags at Gazebo 9-1 on GU Day, refreshments provided by American Legion. Let Jody know where you are cleaning up and she will make sure bags get picked up. If done on a different day bring bags to the Bandstand.
SEARSBURG: Tammy Hollister 464-5040 Bags available at Town Clerk’s Office. Leave bags along roadsides.
STAMFORD: Pat Sullivan 681-8921 Bags available at Town Clerk’s Office. Bring bags to the sign-in location or to the Recycling Center.
WARDSBORO: John Densmore 896-6178 Meet 8 am at Town Office, homemade donuts, coffee, cider, fruit for volunteers. Bring bags to the Wardsboro Transfer Station, do not leave on roadsides.
WHITINGHAM: Aysha and Todd Wahlstrom 368-2807 Meet 9:30 am Towne Hill, coffee and donuts from Jacksonville Store. Lunch by Whitingham Lions Club. Leave bags on roadsides and town crew will pick up Monday. After that, bring bags to Whitingham Transfer Station.

This week we took action on S.40 An act relating to testing and remediation of lead in the drinking water of schools and child care facilities the bill will require all school and childcare facilities to test for lead in the water. If remediation is required, the current version attempts to cover the full costs of remediation and replacement of fixtures with an appropriation of $3.2 million.

S.169 An act relating to firearms procedures still is not appearing on House Judiciary Committees agenda for testimony or votes. I want to thank all of the folks who have contacted me in response to my email earlier this week which included the following request:

As you can imagine, our district, like our state and our country, contains many strong opinions on this issue, both in favor of waiting periods and opposed to waiting periods…That is why it is especially important for me to hear from my constituents about how they personally will be impacted by a bill, any important data or stories they are able to share as I consider the proposed language, and any suggestions they have for alternative ways to solve the problem.

Sibilia email to constituents April 26, 2019

Governor Phil Scott and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development along with partners VSAC, AVIC, and VHEC are excited to announce that any student who commits to a Vermont college or university by June 1, 2019 could win one of two $5,000 scholarships. For more information on the “Choose Vermont Scholarship” program head to ThinkVermont.com/scholarship.

This week the Governor signed into law H.7 An act relating to second degree aggravated domestic assault. Rep. Nadar Hashim of Dummerston and I worked with Windham County States Attorney Tracy Shriver to get this bill passed. The bill will treat out of state domestic violence offenses the same as in state for the purposes of determining a second offense.

Bennington County Senator Brian Campion and Windham County Senator Becca Balint listening to testimony to the Senate Finance committee on H.513
An act relating to broadband deployment throughout Vermont
600 million in federal funding has been announced for the US ReConnect Loan and Grant Program.  Areas in gray are “Protected Broadband Borrower Service Areas” These are areas that are ineligible for federal RUS funds because of the VTel wireless project which was to have covered them. Use the mapping tool to check and see if your town/address is eligible for funding from the program.

BECOMING BROADBAND READY: A Toolkit for Communities

Twin Valley Middle/High School Spring concert this week

next week

We are tentatively scheduled to adjourn in the next two weeks. Bills that do not yet have agreement and that have to pass include the budget, capital bill, transportation bill and the revenue (tax) bill.

Bills I anticipate passing but are not guaranteed to pass include the broadband bill, minimum wage, paid family leave, retail sales of marijuana, right to abortion and others

Public Hearing on Proposal 2: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Vermont Regarding the Prohibition on Slavery and Indentured Servitude

The House Committee on Government Operations will hold a public hearing on Proposal 2, proposed amendment to the Constitution of the State of Vermont regarding the prohibition on slavery and indentured servitude, on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, from 5:00–7:00 p.m. in Room 11 at the Vermont State House, Montpelier.

Seating is limited. Sign up to speak will begin at 4:15 p.m. Witness testimony will be limited to two minutes. The Committee will also accept written testimony at the following email address: testimony@leg.state.vt.us. Please indicate in the subject line, “Proposal 2 Public Comment”.

If you plan to attend and need accommodations to participate, please contact the Sergeant at Arms at 802-828-2228 by May 7, 2019.

In the news:

Click here to monitor the bills I introduce, my committees work and my votes on roll call votes on the legislative website. You can also see what the House and Senate will be taking up each day and listen to proceedings live on VPR.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, or if you need assistance navigating government services at (802) 384-0233 or lsibilia@leg.state.vt.us

Kind regards,

Rep. Laura Sibilia
Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro, Whitingham

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