What to do if your land line phone is not working in #Vermont

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Storms and weather and accidents happen, and when they do we can briefly lose our landline telephone service. When that happens, it is important to let the phone company know you have lost service.

If you start having chronic issues with your landline phone service like significant delays in repair time, failure to solve the problem or failure to schedule a technician it’s important to then let your elected officials and those individuals who regulate the phone company know what is happening.
When your land line stops working:

1. Call your service provider and report the problem. Note the date, time, name of the person who has taken your call and what they tell you they will do to solve your issue.

If you still do not have phone service for more then 24 hours after your initial call:
2. Send an email to your State Representative with the following information:
  • What the name of the telephone carrier is
  • What the address is where the problem is located
  • What the name of the account holder is at that address
  • The best means for the phone company to contact that person
  • What the problem is
  • When the problem started
  • How many times the phone company has been contacted
  • What they have said/done

fcc2. If you still don’t have service 24 hours later, and there has been no follow up by the company, call the Vermont Department of Public Service Consumer Affairs at 800-622-4496 or send them an email at https://publicservice.vermont.gov/about_us/contact_us with the information listed above.

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