Update as the Legislature heads toward the end of the session

This week the House will take on this year’s economic development bill.  The latest version of the S.138 can be found here. It currently contains provisions that would expand and add economic development marketing to state marketing efforts as well as lowering the wage threshold from 160% – 140% of minimum wage for the Vermont Economic Growth Incentive (VEGI), a critical incentive that is used by businesses looking to relocate or expand in Vermont.  Both of those initiatives are considered to be somewhat contentious, but our committee is working hard to craft language that can pass and encourage economic growth.

Tonight, citizens and boards from the town of Dover are hosting another regional conversation on education reform beginning at 6PM in the Dover School library.  Vermont Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcomb is speaking. My understanding is that the meeting is open to all, regardless of town.

The Senate Education Committee voted out a bill last week which now has to go through the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committees before being voted on by the entire Senate.  If the Senate approves a bill, the House and Senate will then have to negotiate an agreement between the two education bill versions.  You can see a comparison of the current bills here Side by side comparison of the House and Senate Education bills

This week we will also take up removal of the philosophical exemption on vaccines for students attending school.  This was an amendment last week in the Senate added to a bill  the House passed earlier in the session  H.98 Reportable Disease Registries and Data. 

We will also be taking up S.108 An act relating to repealing the sunset on provisions pertaining to patient choice at end of life.  This bill, if passed, effectively says that Vermont will leave its existing law and protections in place.

It looks like we are on a course to end this year’s session in the next 2-3 weeks.  Please be in touch with questions, comments and concerns at lhsibilia@gmail.com or 802-348-7131.

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