How to see what bills I’ve co-sponsored and what roll call votes I’ve made

The Vermont Legislative website is brand new this year, and as frequent past visitor I feel qualified to say Vermonters are much better served!  This new site is very very user friendly.

This website makes it easy to see what bills a committee is considering, as well as the testimony that witnesses are providing, and who the witnesses are.  If you are interested in what the Healthcare, Education of Commerce Committee is doing on a certain day, simply go to their committee page.

You can also keep better tabs on your elected officials!  If you search for my name, it will bring you to my bio page, and at the bottom is a link to all of the bills I have agreed to co-sponsor.  (Co-sponsor means I either support the language in the bill, or I support a broader discussion and consideration of the language in the bill).  There is also a tab where you can see how I voted.  This is a little deceptive, as most votes are voice votes, and not roll call votes.  What you see recorded are the roll call votes.    Click here to see my page and links to legislation and voting.

Here’s to increased transparency!

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