Rep. Sibilia submits testimony on redistricting

Good morning,

In the past 6 months I have provided information to the district on the legislative reapportionment process that must occur after every census to ensure that all voters have equal representation in their government (see below for information I provided in January.)

Making sure every Vermonter has equal representation in government based on changed population numbers is extremely difficult. The House Committee on Government Operations has been working on this process and is beginning to draw new lines. Several towns in the Windham-Bennington District have expressed concerns about first, and now second, drafts of new legislative districts. These towns are Readsboro, Dover and Stamford and they have all been providing testimony.

Today I am also providing testimony to the committee in order to emphasize the points the towns have made, and also to insist that the process revolve around the people and their districts and not current legislators or party needs.

This is a very serious moment and I will be reaching out to update the district more often on how the rights of the Windham Bennington District voters are being protected.

~ Rep. Laura Sibilia

Reapportionment and Legislative Redistricting

Delays in completing the census under the Trump Administration combined with the need to determine new districts for the 2022 elections Mook have shortened the timeline available for legislative reapportionment. It is VERY important that all of the towns in the Windham Bennington district (Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro and Whitingham) consider the proposed maps and provide written or virtual testimony to the Government Operations Committee on the towns disposition to proposed changes. Please also share that with me. There are two maps that were brought to the legislature by the Legislative Apportionment Board (LAB) which has now concluded its work and where the legislature will start. A majority map which contains only single member districts and an alternative map which keeps two member districts. The majority proposal takes the current Windham Bennington District and divides it into four other districts. The alternative proposal divides the district into five.

Here is a list of consideration points for towns in the district:

  • A district needs to be made up of roughly 4,287 people.
  • 2020 Census changes in population total 4402 people living in the towns in our district. There is no constitutional imperative to add or subtract people from our district. The district could stay the way it is and meet the constitutional requirements.
  • This is not my district. This is the people’s district. The towns that make up the district need to make sense to you and your neighbors regardless of who your representative is.
  • The sooner I hear from your town’s Board of Civil Authority the more likely I am going to be able to help.
  • If your town needs help preparing testimony please reach out to me via email or phone 802-384-0233

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