Rep. Sibilia: update on Henri from Vermont Emergency Management

Press Release: Prepare for Hurricane Henri Sat, 08/21/2021 – 12:00

Vermonters encouraged to monitor forecasts ahead of Hurrincane Henri
Forecast uncertain – state preparing for worst

WATERBURY, VT – Hurricane Henri is forecast to make landfall in the northeastern United States later this weekend. Many details of how the storm will impact Vermont are still uncertain, but Vermonters, particularly those in the southern half of the state, are encouraged to prepare for a variety of possible hazards.

The National Weather Service says the track of the storm is still uncertain, but currently predicts the greatest threat to be heavy rain Sunday into Monday in central to southern areas of the state.

Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) is preparing for a worst-case scenario in order to be prepared for the full potential scope of the storm. VEM officials are in close contact with partners and municipal emergency management personnel and is facilitating briefings from the National Weather Service beginning Saturday morning.

As a precaution, the State Emergency Operations Center will activate Sunday morning to monitor the storm and prepare for and respond to any issues that arise. The activation will be virtual and include Vermont state staff as well as federal and private partners like the Red Cross and Vermont 2-1-1.

Individuals should pay very close attention to forecasts throughout the weekend – particularly those in central and southern Vermont where rain could be heaviest, and the ground may be saturated after heavy rains this month.

Individuals should take other precautions ahead of the storm:
1.    Ensure you know evacuation routes should flooding threaten your home.
2.    Secure anything outside your home that could blow around in high winds or get washed away in flash floods.
3.    Ensure you have flashlights, batteries, canned food, water, and other essentials should you lose electric service or are stranded in your home for an extended period.
4.    In the event of a flood, never walk or drive through floodwaters. Undercurrents and unseen washouts can sweep a person or vehicle away and into harm’s way.
5.    Register for a free Vermont Alert account at 

For more preparedness information visit: or 

Resources for forecasts and tracking the storm:

National Weather Service Albany:
National Weather Service Burlington:
NWS Albany on Twitter:
NWS Burlington on Twitter:
Vermont Emergency Management on Twitter:

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