Veteran’s Town Halls – for everyone

From the Vermont Veterans Town Hall site:


This summer, we’ll have four opportunities to gather – in person and outdoors – as communities to listen to veterans’ stories and reflections. RSVPs are optional, but encouraged; even if you’re not sure you’re going to attend, registering is a great way to make sure you get event updates (like a change of date in case of severe weather). Whether you RSVP or not, please join us. These events are free and open to all. The Middlesex and Newport events took place in June and July (click here for press coverage), and Rutland’s and Burlington’s events are coming up next.

At a Vets Town Hall, veterans of any era who served in any capacity are invited to stand before their community and speak for up to ten minutes about what it was like to serve their country. Non-veterans are encouraged to attend and listen. These events are non-political, and all perspectives are valued. There will be no debate on American foreign policy. We will simply listen and learn about what it was like to serve in the wars that this nation has chosen to fight.

David Carlson speaks at the June 2021 Vets Town Hall in Middlesex, VT. Photo courtesy of Amos Eaton

Vets Town Halls were originated by author Sebastian Junger (War, Tribe) with the aim of increasing communication and understanding between veterans and civilians in their communities. The first event of this kind in Vermont was held in November 2017 in Burlington.

Maureen Dwyer speaking at the June 2021 Vets Town Hall in Middlesex, VT. Photo courtesy of Amos Eaton.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the FAQ page and browse through the press coveragefor previous events. If you’re interested in starting an event in your hometown or are looking to attend in another state, information and resources are available here. These events are only possible thanks to a generous amount of help and good advice: Find out some ways to get involved on the volunteer page, and visit this page to provide feedback. Please also don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kristen at with any questions or suggestions.Get email updates on Vets Town Halls in Vermont

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