Rep. Sibilia: April 29th

Good evening,
A reminder that if you have not received unemployment, or are having difficulty asking questions, the Vermont House now is able to intercede – we are hoping it will make a difference. What I need in order to try and help:

  • Name
  • email
  • last 4 SS #
  • phone
  • date you filed first claim
  • Unemployment (UI) or Pandemic Assistance for self employed (PUA)

The Vermont House of Representatives is going back into session on Wednesday and Friday of this week to take up an extension of the House emergency order and an emergency bill on evictions. You can watch proceedings live at


It’s an Excellent Time to Use a Worm and Relax
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says as temperatures warm, songbirds return and the ice recedes, a shift in fish behavior also occurs. Many fish species commonly found in lakes and ponds throughout Vermont become more active, feed more regularly and provide a great opportunity to catch fish with relatively little effort.
“While some anglers focus on the challenge of catching trout during early spring, there are other ways to enjoy fishing without having to wade through ice cold water,” said State Fisheries Biologist Bret Ladago. “Species such as bluegill, pumpkinseed, crappie, rock bass, and yellow perch are common in many of our waters and become more active during this time of year as they prepare for spawning. These fish can be easily accessed from shore, making them ideal for a wide variety of anglers looking to enjoy spring fishing in Vermont. Using only a hook, worm and bobber, you can catch fish, have fun and relax.” read more

Grace Cottage Update

See Which States Are Reopening and Which Are Still Shut Down

Buyer Beware!

In March, The FDA and FTC jointly issued warning letters to Vital Silver, Quinessence Aromatherapy Ltd., Xephyr, LLC doing business as N-Ergetics, GuruNanda, LLC, Vivify Holistic Clinic, Herbal Amy LLC, and The Jim Bakker Show.  The products cited in these warning letters are teas, essential oils, tinctures, and colloidal silver and claim to cure, treat, or prevent serious diseases like COVID-19.

Just recently, the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles filed the first federal case for alleged coronavirus fraud. Prosecutors charge that an actor with a history of fraud was trying to line up investors for pills that he claimed would make people immune to the virus and injections for those already infected. 

“They’re using people’s fears, anxiety, and confusion about what’s going on,” Federal Trade Commission consumer education specialist Colleen Tressler said of the fraudsters. “Things are changing daily, if not more frequently. People are getting things from a variety of sources.”

Please keep in mind that there is no FDA approved cure for COVID-19 and any treatment for the disease should be approved by your physician. These products may do more harm than good or do nothing at all. But they do cost money and that is what the fraudsters are after. 

Schemes have proliferated so quickly that the Federal Trade Commission even released a tongue-in-cheek FTC Scam Bingo card (below) on which you can play along by marking off common scams like “Treat COVID-19”, “Get COVID-19 test kit”, and “A COVID-19 cure!”

How soon will you call “Bingo!”?

Secretary of State Jim Condos Issues Directive Expanding Permitted Processes for 2020 Local Elections

Montpelier, VT – Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced a directive, issued April 24th, by the Secretary in agreement with the Governor under the authority granted in Act 92, §3 (2020). The directive identifies a number of new processes which municipalities are permitted to use in 2020 in order to conduct their elections as safely as possible.

“In this age of social distancing, we’re all doing our part to reduce exposure and mitigate the potential of spreading the virus,” said Secretary Condos. “I also understand the tremendous pressure some municipalities are under to adopt budgets, or hold other important municipal elections during this very challenging time. Providing this toolbox of options for municipalities to use if they need to hold an election will help protect the safety of voters and election workers while ensuring that Vermonters are able to have their voices heard at the ballot box.”

The directive can be found on the Secretary of State’s website, alongside accompanying guidance posted by Director of Elections Will Senning.

The permitted processes were devised based on direct feedback to the Secretary of State’s office from Town and City Clerks and local officials, and include:

• Mailing a ballot proactively to every active or registered voter

• Implementing a “drive-up” voting procedure

• Holding a polling location outside

• Forgoing the review of write-in votes in certain instances

• Adjusting the deadline for nominating paperwork for candidates

Specific details on these permitted processes can be found in the directive. In addition, the directive states that election polling places shall follow current requirements regarding social distancing interventions based on Executive Orders of the Governor and issued guidance by the Vermont Department of Health or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This directive is in addition to, and not in replacement of, the Secretary’s first local elections directive, which allows municipalities to postpone upcoming local elections to a later date in 2020.

“We must take the steps necessary to follow social distancing requirements, and limit exposure and risk in our Vermont communities,” said Secretary Condos. “Our elections are no different. It is my hope that the new processes allowed by my directive will make the conduct of elections safer, and easier for our hardworking Town and City Clerks, and local officials, whose jobs have grown increasingly more difficult during this health crisis.”

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, or if you need assistance navigating government services at (802) 384-0233 or
Kind regards,
Rep. Laura Sibilia Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro, Whitingham

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