Scam Alert from the VT Attorney General’s Office – Computer Tech Support

Tech support scammers make convincing claims that there is a serious problem with your computer or a virus to get your money and steal your personal information. They use pop-ups or other urgent messages saying your computer is infected. 

If you receive a call, hang up! If you click on a pop-up or strange link, disconnect your computer from the internet! Do not provide personal information or payment.

These scammers may pretend to be Microsoft, Apple, or another well-known company in order to try to sell you useless services. Some scammers have even posted fake numbers for such companies online that people then call, believing they have reached a valid company. Use extreme caution when searching for computer tech support help. Seek guidance and advice from your friends and relatives when trying to locate a tech support company. Never allow remote access to your computer or click links in a strange email or pop-up.  

These scams tend to be successful when people respond to the urgency of the call or pop-up. Taking steps to stop and verify before proceeding will help you avoid falling victim to this scam.  If you are not sure, call the Consumer Assistance Program at 800-649-2424.  We are really familiar with these scams and can help you identify them.  

Please help us stop these scams by sharing this information with your community.

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