Deerfield Valley Healthcare forum and discussion on Individual Mandate

Deerfield Valley employees, residents and employers invited to attend

Ambitious health care reform that changes how providers are paid is currently being implemented across the state. Come participate in a discussion to better understand how these changes will impact your premiums and access to care. We will also discuss passage this past year of an individual mandate requiring Vermonters to be covered by insurance as of January 1, 2020. This legislation was passed in reaction to the repeal of the individual mandate federally this past year. Deerfield Valley State Representatives Laura Sibilia and John Gannon want to ensure residents, employees and employers in the Deerfield Valley communities can weigh in on the current state of healthcare and what choices they face with an individual mandate.

A Health Care Forum for residents and employees who work in the towns of Dover, Halifax, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Readsboro, Wardsboro, Whitingham and Wilmington will be held on Tuesday October 16th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at Twin Valley Middle High School 4299 Vermont Route 100 Whitingham, VT.   Gannon and Sibilia are hosting the forum.

The purpose of the forum is for those who live and work in the 9 towns to be able to hear about the complexities of the state health care financing and share information about how they would be impacted by possible legislative and non-legislative solutions. Michael Fisher, the state’s chief health care advocate, will highlight today’s big picture challenges in Vermont health care and share information on the recently released by the Individual Mandate Working Group which has come up with preliminary recommendations on how mandatory health insurance should work in Vermont.

Questions from residents or employees of the Deerfield Valley on the upcoming forum can be sent to Rep. John Gannon at or Rep. Laura Sibilia at

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