F576_Laura dover 73114Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are almost certainly right.  Setting high expectations is an optimistic vote of confidence that a goal is achievable.  I’m honored to represent so many people, school districts, businesses and towns that “think they can” and possess the Vermont optimism which allows us to take on big challenges without fear.  I’m honored that these same folks “thought I could” and elected me as their representative two years ago.  Representing a rural district heavily impacted by the recession and Irene, I have been immensely encouraged by the collaborations, recovery and growth we are seeing in our district.  Stamford reaching out to work with Readsboro on improving internet service, Searsburg and Stratton working to partner on Act 46 to keep school choice for their students, Dover working for years with neighboring Wilmington to finally complete the Valley trail connecting villages and resorts or Dover and Wardsboro working together to determine if they can offer their students more opportunities.  And of course the long term efforts of Whitingham and our neighbors in Wilmington to keep and improve their schools.

Two years ago I decided to run to make sure all of that collaboration and effort happening locally also had a hard working champion in Montpelier.   Whether it was working to have southern Vermont  identified as a special economic development zone in need of additional investment and re-population measures, challenging the federal government to ensure it’s broadband stimulus funds were actually providing internet service to our towns, or negotiating in protections for our small schools and having anti choice provisions stripped from Act 46, my efforts, every day, have been laser focused on helping our district.  As the State Representative for Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro and Whitingham it has been my intent to provide you with the type of representation I expect for myself: ethical, transparent, responsible, accountable, and non-partisan.  I ask for your support of my re-election as your State Representative, and your continued belief and effort to working together and continue to move our Deerfield Valley forward.

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