Opportunity :: Shumlin administration in Dover to discuss status of Vermont healthcare reform

Chief of Health Care Reform Lawrence Miller and Director of Health Care Reform Robin Lunge will discuss the State of Vermont’s current health care system at the Dover Town Hall (next to the Dover Free Library) this Monday October 20th at 6:30 in the evening.

Quality, assessable healthcare is an important issue for our towns and our state. It’s reasonable to say the roll out of the Governor’s healthcare plan has had a lot of challenges to date.  The planned implementation of single payer in 2017 still needs to be worked out.

Residents, employers and voters in our region have an opportunity that currently is being afforded to few other Vermonter communities before the November 15th open enrollment date; to hear directly from the Governor’s staff about the way forward with healthcare in Vermont.  The public process is a powerful way to improve government policy and create solutions.  Please join me at this event and let others know about this important opportunity.

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