Sibilia returns PAC funds

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For Immediate release September 23, 2014

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Sibilia returns PAC funds

Laura Sibilia, an Independent candidate for State Representative for Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro and Whitingham announced that unsolicited campaign contributions, sent from a Vermont business PAC to her campaign, have been returned.

“One of the biggest reasons I am running to be our district’s State Representative is the refusal by our current Representative to prioritize the needs and issues of our district over national and partisan agenda items.  There are too many folks working too hard to improve our local and regional economy and quality of life. They need more than lip service loyalty, they need help,” said Sibilia.  “It is really important to me that if I am going to be representing this district, the support needed for getting me elected comes locally from the residents, workers and businesses I am to represent and not outside special interests.”

Thus far Sibilia is the only candidate to have filed statutorily required campaign finance reports detailing both her contributions and expenses.  These can be viewed on both the Secretary of State’s website and on

“I don’t need to play timing games with financial reporting because my funding isn’t coming from partisan special interest groups or a political party,” she said. “My support is coming from individuals and business owners who I have been working with to develop strategies that support new job growth and wealth creation and deal with the out of control state education property tax situation.”

Laura can be reached at 348-7131 or  To follow Laura’s campaign on Facebook go to .  All campaign events are posted on her website at

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