September fundraising event for Sibilia campaign at One More Time in Dover

WINDHAM-BENNINGTON DISTRICT- Laura Sibilia, an Independent candidate for State Representative for Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro and Whitingham has announced her campaign will hold a fundraising event September 6th from 4-6 PM at the One More Time tent in Dover.

Sibilia says she is enjoying traveling around the district meeting one on one with residents and business owners, and has established a number of community meet and greet events.

“Having these one on one and group discussions with voters has been really engaging. It’s what I love doing! I intend to find as many opportunities as possible to speak with and hear from every voter in our district about the issues and opportunities we face. That takes time and realistically it also takes funding. As a serious candidate I knew that going into the campaign. As an Independent voice for our district, I’ve also pledged not to take funds from any political party, PAC or lobbyist. While I am grateful for the encouragement and support the campaign has received so far, I know we need to keep working hard to raise funds to aid in reaching all voters in the district so we can win this House seat election.”

The event in the tent at One More Time in Dover will feature live music by Greg Burnell, refreshments, and candid talk about the issues of the day. Suggested donation is $20 but the will be open to all who want to spend an afternoon in support of the campaign along the Valley Trail in Dover.

Laura can be reached at 348-7131 or To follow Laura’s campaign on facebook go to . All campaign events are posted on her website at

The One More Time tent along Dover's Valley Trail off off Route 100
The One More Time tent along Dover’s Valley Trail off off Route 100

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