Adams endorsement

Laura Sibilia will also get my vote on November 4th.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Laura during her tenure as Executive Director at the Mount Snow Valley Chamber of Commerce. I have seen first hand Laura’s love for our Valley; and the determination that she has to protect it.   Laura has the energy and backbone to fight for what she believes is in and the best interest of everyone. As Chamber Director, she had successful campaigns for raising money for local charities through the beloved Bears in the Valley, Vermonsters, and Best Seat in Vermont. She has also put together the Vermont Life Wine & Harvest Festival, The Blueberry Festival to bring people to the Valley. Seeing what this tremendous individual has done on a local level; I cannot wait to see what she will achieve on a State level.

Laura understands the concerns that a mother, spouse, employee, employer, business owner, and residents of the district have. Economic development, taxes, health insurance, education are all hot topics anywhere you go. Three years ago, Irene devastated Wilmington along with many towns throughout Vermont. Laura exuded strength, guidance and leadership that got the necessary resources to relieve the fear and uncertainty in the Valley. Laura worked day and night, making sure that our towns received the help they needed which required coordination with State and Federal Agencies. She also made sure everyone was updated on the status of the roads, meetings and important information to keep the Valley and its visitors safe.

A change is needed in our district. We need to be represented on our needs in the district; not just a few towns in it. We need someone that will use her voice, strength and love for our area in Montpelier. Laura is Our Independent Local Voice!

Lorre Adams

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