Rep Sibilia March 11 update Covid-19

Please see my post from March 10th for high level information on the virus and where to get information. I have included a few new pieces of information for consideration.

On March 11, 2020, health officials announced a second case of novel coronavirus COVID-19 in Vermont. This Chittenden County case is considered presumptive positive, pending confirmation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The first case, announced on March 7, is in Bennington County

Vermont cases of COVID-191
Vermonters tested negative for COVID-1962
Vermonters being monitored215
Vermonters who have completed monitoring59
From Vermont Department of Health Website

Vermont Agency Of Education COVID-19 School Closure Guidance

Screening for public offices and group home settings

Screening tool developed for group home settings. This is being used in many public offices including the Vermont Statehouse.

Given our district’s proximity to the MA border, Here is a Link to the State of MA site tracking virus in the Commonwealth.

Here is what I am saying to my own large extended family: Older people (like my mom) and people with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems should stay home. It is a great idea become a pro at washing your hands, don’t touch other people. If you have a fever, call your doctor.

Vermonters with questions can call 211 for more assistance.

Vermonters in my district who need added assistance can also contact me at 802-384-0233.

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