Wallace endorsement

Laura Siblia will get my vote on November 4th.

I met Laura when we first moved to the Valley, some 26 years ago. The friendship developed and my admiration for her grew when I was elected to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

As a long time member of this community, Laura has always had this Valley and Southern Vermont in her heart. As Executive Director of the Chamber, Laura helped guide the positive growth we needed. After Hurricane Irene blew through, and with the excellent direction by Laura, our towns, although down, but not out, were able to re-build. Unless you were in the Chamber’s re-located offices 24/7, you may be unaware how Laura was in contact with our Legislators, FEMA and others examining how we should proceed; and then she led the way.

After Laura left the Chamber for different pastures, she again acquainted herself with the people and agencies who strive to make our little part of Vermont a better and more economically developed region. With that same determination and persistence, Laura will make sure our ‘local voice’ is heard in Montpelier. We need Laura!

Hopefully you read in last week’s Valley News that, unlike our current representative, Laura returned all of the PAC money sent to her campaign. Returning the money again shows that she will not have a National and partisan agenda; her agenda will be here, Southern Vermont.

Please give Laura Sibilia, our ‘local voice,’ your vote!

Kristen Wallace

East Dover

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