Last day to register to vote for Laura is Wednesday October 29th


Registering to vote is easy – but you have to do it before Wednesday October 29th if you want to vote for me in the November 4th election!

See/speak to your friendly town clerk (they really are all friendly and helpful!) listed below to engage in this important part of our democracy:

Dover Town Clerk’s office is 102 Vermont Route 100 phone # 464-5100 ext. 2

Readsboro Town Clerk’s office is at 301 Phelps Avenue phone # 423-5405

Searsburg Town Clerk’s office is 18 Town Garage Road, Wilmington phone # 464-8081

Stamford Town Clerk’s office is 986 Main Road phone # 694-1361

Wardsboro Town Clerk’s office is 71 Main Street phone # 896-6055

Whitingham Town Clerk’s office is 2948 Vermont Route 100, Jacksonville phone # 368-7887

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