Sibilia OpEds & Press Releases





December Legislature must focus on Vermonters needs with changing climate

May Memorial Day: The Widows Tax

February Vermont’s elected independents push for non partisan representation on apportionment board

February  Let Them Stream Netflix


December  What to do if your landline phone is not working in #Vermont

October In Defense of the Most Politically Diverse Legislative Body in the Country

September Testimony to the State Board of Education on Section 9 Proposals

August Time to Eliminate the Venn of Doom

August Indys, Ubers and #PeopleOverParty 

June Voting to Override the Governor’s Veto

May Memorial Day – reflecting on the cost

May Sibilia To Run for Reelection to Vermont House

April 2018 Session – Acts to Reduce Violence in our Schools and Communities

February Local Reps Plan School Safety Forum


December Without new state funding mechanism, Vermonter’s property taxes will keep rising

November Lawmakers Demand Secretary of Education Clarify Position on Education Weighting Study or Face Possible Litigation 

May Vermont’s Extended Session: Reality vs Hyperbole