Dear Windham County residents,

The last few months of global pandemic, economic upheaval and civil unrest have many feeling uncertain and fearful of the future.  The Windham County Delegation is keenly aware of this, and we want to play a meaningful part in shaping a more just, fair and prosperous Vermont.. We support the efforts of all of the members of our community who engage in constructive dialogue, peaceful protest, and civil disobedience.  Without public discourse and freedom of expression our society would not have the ability to grow and change in positive ways. 

 To that end, the Windham County Delegation would like to address the recent expressions of racist messaging and hate speech in our State Highways throughout Windham County.  

The Windham County Delegation condemns any effort to spread targeted messages of hate, designed to induce fear in valued members of our community. We offer support to all community members who have been affected by these actions and to the community at large during these turbulent times. And we want justice to prevail, for all of us. 

Windham County legislators Contact List with emails and phone numbers

Sen. Jeanette White. 802-387-4379

Sen. Becca Balint. 802-365-1060

Rep. Sara Coffey, 802-257-0288

Windham 1: Vernon, Guilford

Rep. Emilie Kornheiser, 802-246-1213

Windham 2-1: Brattleboro

Rep. Mollie Burke, 802-734-3519

Windham 2-2: Brattleboro

Rep. Tristan Toleno, 802-579-5511

Windham 2-3: Brattleboro

Rep. Carolyn Partridge, 802-874-4182

Rep. Kelly Tully, 802-463-3896

Windham 3: Athens-Brookline, Grafton, Rockingham, North Westminster, Windham

Rep. Nader Hashim, 802-490-5823

Rep. Mike Mrowicki, 802-387-8787

Windham 4: Dummerston, Putney, Westminster

Rep. Emily Long, 802-365-7360

Windham 5: Marlboro, Newfane, Townshend

Rep. John Gannon, 802-490-4327

Windham 6: Wilmington, Whitingham, Halifax

Rep. Kelly Pajala, 802-770-4987

Windham-Bennington-Windsor: Weston, Londonderry, Winhall, Jamaica, Stratton

Rep. Laura Sibilia, 802-384-0233

Windham-Bennington: Dover, Readsboro, Stamford, Searsburg, Somerset, Wardsboro

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